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Comiccon - The Darkside (Mondo Remix) lyrics

The darkside (side, side, side..)

The darkside

Another cold and lonely rainy day comes to an end
I have to clear my mind before I sleep or else I tend
To close my eyes and realize there's nothing there but light
Any shadow, any darkness to help me through the night

The darkside [x4]

Another cold and lonely Sunday morning hurts my eyes
Cold water hits my face, only get up to see the skies
I raise my head, look up and unsurprised the clouds have gone
I'm still in search for darkness so I've got to wait till dawn
(Got to wait till dawn) [x?]

The darkside

(Dark) [x?]
Darkside [x?]
The darkside

Cover: Comiccon - The Darkside (Mondo Remix)
  • The Darkside

  • Year
  • 2009

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