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Innerpartysystem - Last Night In Brooklyn (NumberNin6 Remix) lyrics

Come through the door
A darkened room
She draws white lines to set the mood
We conversate, drink our wine
She kissed my lips then checked the time
We went out to a better place
A different crowd that's more her taste
She blended in, and I don't see all the secrets that she keeps

I float over you [x3]
(I float over you) [x?]

My back is up against the wall
You can't see lies when lights are off
How could you leave, how could you go?
I can't be buried here alone
I need to find another face, since honesty is more my taste
Met a foreign girl with a foreign name, said these chemicals will ease

I float over you [x2]
(I float over you) [x?]

I walk up to the open night
I find her there still drawing lines
Should I try to make amends
With tonight and empty friends
You speak in words you never meant
The ones you love already left
Just say your piece and moving on
When morning wakes you I'll be gone

I float over you [x4]
(I float over you) [x?]

  • Year
  • 2009

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Genre is Dubstep
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