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The Prophet - Peptalkin lyrics

Boot lickin', piss drinkin', fingerfriggin', tit tweakin'
Love bitin', arse lickin', shit stabbin', mother fuckin'
Spunk lovin', ball bustin', cock suckin', fist fuckin'
Lipsmackin', thirst quenchin', cool livin', ever givin'

If you got a job, you going to school and you'll need nobody
have to help you handle your your business
Make some noise!
Hit 'em with the hard time!


At the count of three
I want everybody the place to be to make some noise if you count with me
One, two, three!
Hit 'em with the hard time!

Hit 'em with the hard time!

Hit 'em with the hard time!
Cover: The Prophet - Peptalkin
  • Thunderdome XVII - Messenger Of Death

  • Year
  • 1997

  • Genre

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  • Oct 8, 2009 by Aero
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    #1 Daily Hardcore/Early

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