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DJ D - Get It Right lyrics

Get it right [?x]

Life will flash before my eyes
So scattered and lost
I want to touch the other side
And no one thinks they are to blame
Why can't we see
That when we bleed we bleed the same

I can't get it right
Get it right
Since I met you

Get it right [?x]

Cover: DJ D - Get It Right
  • Get It Right Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2009

  • Genre

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  • Oct 4, 2009 by zup

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#3 Daily Hardcore/Gabber

Qz 12 years ago
There is the vid :D
Thanks for the help!
Madmax 12 years, 1 month ago
Preview can be found on Hardcoreblasters.com and than catalogue
Releasedate 10-11-'09
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