Fundamental changes (genres, chat, WAV + more)
Posted by atomicoz - 2013-06-20Hey everyone,
Starting today there's some major changes to the site. You probably want to head on over to the Account Settings to only show genres you like. People who's already done it will keep showing just those genres.

It's been more than half a decade, 6 years, and the site takes more time to maintain (while I have less to spend)
To keep running the site at like 100 lyrics per month is not really viable, and it feels kinda crappy that 90% of the time when searching for lyrics I have to go to another site anyway.
Sadly the submissions have pretty much stagnated and last year saw a drop in visitors for the first time (further feeding the downward spiral because lack of fresh blood)
And let's face it: the only 2 genres that goes beyond scratching the surface is the Hardstyle and Hardcore genres, but the coverage on that is dropping as well.

The changes:
* All genres are allowed, pick your genres in the account settings. (e.g. I know some of you like Trap, metal, etc)
* Lyrics that are automatically added end up as Uncategorized before a genre is set. The ability for everyone to pick genre for such submissions will come soon.
* The lyric guidelines are more lax

And other new things recently:
* WAV quality available on free tracks. You can choose between 128k mp3, 320k mp3 and WAV (if we have it) when downloading now.
* Added links on various pages to encourage adding missing lyrics and tracks
* Free tracks has covers too
* Everyone can manage covers so don't be afraid to add missing covers
* When covers are deleted it won't automatically retry (aka getting the same wrong cover)
* Redirects back to the lyric when done editing so no extra click
* Slimmed down the artist links on free track pages to make it look better

The chat
After much consideration I've decided to keep it up because of the overwhelming cuddliness, the lolo awards and all. The chat is gone from the page and is only visible for members at, new people won't know about it unless told and notifications are off. Chat history page is back up and the chat stats are generated every hour again. So bookmark it if you haven't already and you won't have to type it. Have fun, people who threaten, people who constantly complain about chatters to me and not them, or people who make ultimatums to me where they say they're leaving if someone else doesn't will be banned.

Results of the lolo chat awards kickAD held the last 2 days:


Best memories, no winner so here's all:
When I first joined and met all of you awesome people - core
Every moment - idk as well
The fucking whole time - Flori1123
Creating great friendships - idk
Hitout and NoX's British Gentleman Conversations - pribably one of them
da turtle - atomicoz
Tinychat - kickad
The huge "oh noes " - Stan
Being mentioned in the "half a decade of lololyrics" video. That made me feell so proud to have contributed. - Probably hitout
'coin eating kickad' - classified due to safety


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