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Boards Of Canada - Aquarius lyrics

Yeah, that's right
Orange [x2]

Orange [x2]
Yeah, that's right
Orange [x2]

One, (orange)
Two, (we'll sail into the stars)
Three, four
Five, six, seven, eight
Nine, (yeah, that's right), orange, ten
Eleven, twelve
Thirteen, fourteen
Fifteen, sixteen

Seventeen, (orange), eighteen
Nineteen, twenty
Twenty-one, twenty-two
Twenty-three, twenty-four
Twenty-five, (orange), twenty-six
Twenty-seven, twenty-eight
Twenty-nine, thirty
Thirty-one, thirty-two

Thirty-three, (orange), thirty-four
Thirty-five, (yeah, that's right), thirty-six
Forty-four, sixty-eight
Twenty-seven, thirty-five
Forty-two, (orange), fifty-eight
Forty-seven, sixty-three
Eighty-five, seventy-four
Sixty-seven, sixty-six
Fifty-one, (orange), seventy-nine
Forty-two, twenty-four
Forty-five, sixty-ten
Six, seven, fifty-six
Sixty-five, (orange), forty-four
Fifty-three, forty-four
Seventeen, thirteen, twenty-three

Yeah, that's right [x2]

We'll sail to the stars [x4]

Cover: Boards Of Canada - Aquarius
  • Music Has The Right To Children

  • Year
  • 1998

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  • Source / Sample

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"We'll sail into the stars" is sampled from Sesame Street - Alphaquest: S

"Yeah that's right" and the children's laughter are sampled from Sesame Street: Slot Machine Legs: Man at the Bus Stop

The male-spoken "orange" is sampled from Sesame Street: O is for Orange

This is the Music Has The Right To Children album version.
There are 4 different versions and each of them has a different number sequence after counting from 1 to 36.
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