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Faizar - Hands Up High lyrics

Hands up high (hands up high) [2x]
Hands up high [4x]
Hands up [4x]
Hands [8x]
Ha- [16x]
Hands up high
(Hands up high) [8x]

Hey [?x]

They call me V.I.G., what-what
Into the AD, I come from NYC
So none of these bitches can play me
I do my thing, I do my stance
I see London, I see France
I've been all over the world
Making these people wanna dance
Let's go, get up, out your seat
C'mon hit that floor with the freaky deek
I give you more than what you seek
In every day and every week
I do it (yeah)
Good job with the bassline music
Put it on back, so shake right to it
All the while there, we can breakdance to it
Ladies in the back wanna groove it

Hands up high (hands up high)

Hey [2x]

Hands up high [5x]
Hands up [4x]
(Hands up) [3x]

Cover: Faizar - Hands Up High
  • Hands Up High

  • Year
  • 2014

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Cauterite 1 year, 5 months ago
That's not how things work around here C-Visual.
Every single audible word in the song needs to be accounted for.
Thanks for the help!
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