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About Cauterite

My favourite tracks of right now (will update whenever I think of it):
• Coman Dante – Blockade
• Wavolizer – Control
• Shintuza - Eternal Flames
• Drainbamage - Apex Predator
• Circular Discharge + Krieg - Sleep World
Worldwide Blast Off (Mainframe remix)
• Pandorum - Raw Intelligence

Some artists I like:

 • Hardcore / Gabber:
Advanced Dealers, AK Industry, Angerfist, Amnesys, Armageddon Project, Art Of Fighters, Crucifier (Crypsis), D-Passion, Deathmachine, Delta 9, Detest, DJ D, DJIPE, Embrionyc, Endymion, Evil Activities, Hellfish, Hellsystem, Igneon System, Kasparov, Mad Dog, Meccano Twins, Miosa, Nosferatu, Negative A, Nitrogenetics, Predator, Tommyknocker, s'Aphira, Na-Goyah, Ophidian, Sarin Assault, Tha Playah, The Viper, Tugie, Tymon, Unexist.

 • Drum & Bass / Breakcore / Crossbreed:
2methyl, Aeph, B1per, Big-Head, Bong-Ra, Brainpain, Brainwash, Bratkilla, Broken Note, Bryan Fury, C.A.2K, C-Netik, Circular Discharge, Computerartist, Cooh, Counterstrike, Cri8, CruK, Current Value, DaVIP, Dean Rodell, Diverge, DJ Hidden, Dolphin, Donny, Enduser, Evol Intent, Forbidden Society, Future Primitive, Gancher, Gein, Gore Tech, Helix, Homeboy, Hostage, I:Gor, Kamel Camellia, Krieg, Kroks, Limewax, Lucy Furr (Miss Hysteria), Malicious, Miii, Nagato, Nais, Nanotek, Neonlight, Paimon & Place 2B, Peter Kurten, Pythius, Receptor, Rusty K, Sa†an, Scheme Boy, Sinister Souls, Sml, Snyde, SPL, Spor, Switch Technique, Synthakt, Syrinx, Task Horizon, The Clamps, The Panacea, The Sect, The Teknoist, Throttler, Triamer, TRN18, Unuramenura, Zardonic, Zombie.

Some music I made:

Discordant Perception (2011):
- YouTube
- MediaFire

(my remix of) Angerfist - The Steel Finger (2009):
- Newgrounds
- YouTube
- MediaFire

Artificial Repercussion (2011):
- Newgrounds
- YouTube

I haven't given up — I still plan on finishing more songs. Eventually…

new YouTube channel (no music yet)

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