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Unexist - Paranoia lyrics

Life as I know it now [x??]

Come on!

Life as I know it now


Come on!

I need something to help me out
I'm starting to recognize things

Cover: Unexist - Paranoia
  • Contagion

  • Year
  • 2006

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Predaking 6 years ago
oh.. why did i not hear this? im stupid -.-
invictus 6 years ago
Yea, and before the first "come on" I think.
kickAD 6 years ago
Towards the end "I'm starting to recognize things" and sth else
And in the mid/beginning some other stuff I didn't analyze so much.
Predaking 6 years ago
uhm.. u hear some? i add it :p
kickAD 6 years ago
Hmm...missing some parts, Preda?
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