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Hardcore and Black Metal producer from the depths of Sweden.

Hardcore Project: Predaking is my main project (Klownhead Klan/Shit Passenger/Noisedriver is the old names)
Just going under the name Predaking now cuz Im a huge fan of Transformers and I like the Predaking/Predacons much from the TF G1 cartoon series so i took that name.

Hardcore Project 2: Divebomb is my other Hardcore project which is darker with a touch of abit Industrial or Darkcore (dunno exactly).
The name Divebomb also comes from the cartoon Transformers

Speedcore Project: Slaughtered Panda Mask (Passenger From Hell is the old name) "Slaughtered Panda Mask" is just some random ass name that hit my head when i was drunk lol
(Dont do so much on this project now tho)

Psytrance Project: Psyklonyz, havent done so much on this since I produce so much Hardcore.
Same here the name Psyklonyz is also from the cartoon Transformers but in this case his name is Cyclonus
But yea u can see what im trying to tell here haha

Hardtrance/Hardstyle/Drum N Bass Project: And last but not least, Swamprat.
Haven't done so much on this either just some remixes on famous tracks in the Hardtrance
And Hardstyle genre, the Drum N Bass is my own tracks
The name is just random.

Releases I'm on:

With Predaking

The Evil Earth EP
The Combat EP
Dark Days
Dancing With The Devil EP
Between Chemicals And Blood EP
Love Tunes EP
Hate, Anger & Hardcore EP
Scorpyd & Predaking - Terminate/Destroy EP
Shyfted Minds Of Hard Core Volume I

With Divebomb

Pentagram EP
The Walking Dead EP

With Slaughtered Panda Mask

Loffciamcore Vs. odaxelagnia & Imil – 3 Way Shit
Imil – A Speedcore State Of Mind

Music I love to listen to:
Old Hiphop

Actually all kind of music
But I rlly hate Pop/House/Dubstep/Radio Music, you name it.


Hardcore For The Headstrong

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