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Posted by Azrael - 2008-12-18Santa comes early this year to Lololyrics!
As you probably can see there has been some visual changes to the site.

-New menu
-Changed menu names
-Updated top image
-Updated footer
-Updated top corner images

Some additional changes has been made to the black (default) theme.
Overall the theme isn't as dark as before.

-Updated link hover colors
-Updated table hover background color
-Updated list hover background color

That should cover most of the changes that you can see.
There will be some minor fixes here and there but for now that's it.
We believe that these changes will make the Lolo-experience more pleasant than it already is.
We also hope that you guys & girls like these changes, we certainly hope so.

If you find something that looks weird because of the changes, please report them to us.
As always it will look better in Firefox, Opera & Internet Explorer 7 than in Internet Explorer 6.
If you haven't upgraded your browser, we suggest you do it now!

/Lolo team

Fredo 8 years, 12 months ago
We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year, huh. :D
Azrael 8 years, 12 months ago
romi: yepp just the logo, im to lazy to make a whole new xmas theme just to have it for a few weeks :)
Pain 8 years, 12 months ago
sweeeeet :D :dance:
Va fan, intrige!
Romi 8 years, 12 months ago
phail :o
only new logo ?
Azrael 8 years, 12 months ago
well... there u have it, snowish lolologo :P
enjoy or something :P
Imil 9 years ago
I likez it!
And seeing how Lolo is as random as ever, so does the rest XD
Romi 9 years ago
RARTC strikes again :o
anty sanity team takin over !
i think that the button add & request should be in another place .
Fredo 9 years ago
Oww, all things are perfect accepted one stuff : " Add Lyric, Add Request" etc... are ugly with those big letters ! :o
Roby31 9 years ago
I definitely have to be less active on the site: I miss 2 days, Azrael gets in a new design. I wonder what will happen next, if I hypotetically spend less time here...will Rudi & Romi ever get back to sanity? will always charles be in charge? will Atom buy a brand new quadruple layer nuclear powered hardcoretastic bbq grill?
Stay tuned on to know.

And, yay Azrael! Quality work with theme tweaking.
Pain 9 years ago
woah :) thats some changes xD now im only missing the snow still xD
Va fan, intrige!
Fredo 9 years ago
Ah, good resolutions on Lololyrics for 2009.
Yea well, i like it. :o
Romi 9 years ago
RARTC wants more :p
Azrael 9 years ago
The changes that have been made now are permanent for now atleast.
They wont change back after xmas if thats what you mean :)

temp changes would involve snow on the logo :P

about the atom idea list, we will look into what we can do in the futur.
atomicoz 9 years ago
it will be permanent (not the christmas logo if we insert that one though :P)

azrael (Y)
Fredo 9 years ago
There'll be permanent visual changes or it's just all about x-mas ?
So, with some ideas that i gave to Atom...! xD

Pain 9 years ago
:) oki
Va fan, intrige!
Azrael 9 years ago
Might add some snow on the logo but thats pretty much all ill be doing then :P
Pain 9 years ago
how bout a christmas theme? like snow on the lololyrics name or so..
Va fan, intrige!
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