Merry new year!
Posted by atomicoz - 2008-12-31Don't forget to eat, drink and be merry and then go celebrate the happy new year. :)
Celebrate the new year in (hard-) style. :P

(And I'm working tomorrow, boooo)

Roby31 7 years, 11 months ago
there's no article yet, so HAPPY FUCKIN BIRTHDAY LOLOLYRICS!

F3NTY 8 years ago
happy new year everyone.
Pain 8 years ago
happy new year to yall :)
The grump is real!
atomicoz 8 years ago
haha, didnt think of that stuffe :D
Fredo 8 years ago
Nah, that new year will be core... HARD-CORE !! :D
Stuffe 8 years ago
KV0TE: Celebrate the new year in style.:P

Celebrate the new year in "Hard"Style :D
Fredo 8 years ago
Happy to see it, Stuffe :p :D
Stuffe 8 years ago
and happy new yearZZZZ
Stuffe 8 years ago
Im wif u there gabby :D
Azrael 8 years ago
merry new year to you all!
Fredo 8 years ago
I feel sorry Rud. :o
Bah, it ain't 'cause you can't drink, you can't enjoy the new year, huh ! :o
If you're alive, you can celebrate ! :dance:
Rudi 8 years ago
Cant drink alcohol
But I Am Going Oldskool.. Hasj!!
Fredo 8 years ago
Heeeh ! happy new year to y'all ! :D
I'll be drunk tonight, that will be gooood !! :o
Rudi 8 years ago
Happy new incase i forget :$

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