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Stupid Fresh - Get The Fuck Up lyrics


Fellows I wanna know if I can talk to you for just a minute.
Now there is a certain type of fellow I want to talk to this evening.
I wanna talk to all those lil'dick ass motherfuckers running around here thinking they got a big dick.

Now if you think you got a big dick and you can tell a piece of pussy up then let me hear ya.
Aaha just as I thought not one motherfucking one.
Well my name is 'sweet pussy palm' and I got a story I would like to share with you this evening is it okay?

Now I recently had an incident, this motherfucker climbed up on top of me with the littlest dick you have ever seen in your motherfucking live.
He had the nerve to look in my pretty dark eyes and say 'am I hurting ya'?
I was like baby motherfucker you are tickling me.
Get the fuck up off me leave your toy's on the dresser and hit the door. I don't have to put up with that shit.

Girls you know what I mean?
Ain't you tired of these lil'dick ass motherfuckers coming up to you trying to waste your time.
Knowing that you looking good a nice little ass back there but let me tell you something girl
Get the fuck up.

Get the fuck up.

Get the [5x]

Is it oke?

Am I hurting ya?

Is it oke? [2x]

Get the fuck up.

Get the fuck up.

Am I hurting ya?

Get the fuck up
Cover: Stupid Fresh  - Get The Fuck Up
  • Get the F*ck Up

  • Year
  • 2008

  • Genre

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