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Unexist - Show Me lyrics

Show me, motherfucker
Show me what you got


A man can be an artist
In anything, food, whatever
It depends on how good he is at it
Creasey's art is death
He's about to paint his masterpiece

Show me what you got

I'm here for you

Show me, motherfucker [7x]
Show me [many x]
Show me what you got

Show me, motherfucker

Cover: Unexist - Show Me
  • Spank Yer Ass Vinyl

  • Year
  • 2008

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Mar 1, 2009 by Pain

Vocals spoken by Satronica
Though the 2nd paragraph, starting from 'A man can..' are also found in the movie 'Man On Fire' (2004)
AdamBast 7 years, 2 months ago
Discogs says that vocals are done by Satronica.
Thanks for the help!
My head is bangin'
You're killing me
Please don't stop
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