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DJ D - Mankind Warning lyrics

Toward the end of the 21st century
Mega corporations raced to make huge advancements in the field of genetics
Soon a series of wars broke out between them

After the wars, genetic engineers sickened by the endless bloodshed, turned their skills to modifying mankind
By removing the genes responsible for aggressive human behavior
They succeeded in turning man into a species incapable of violence
Now focused on improving itself, mankind advanced rapidly
Huge scientific discoveries and new technologies allowed man to explore space and colonize hundreds of planets

Through genetics, scientists created a symbiotic relationship with alien species
Thereby peacefully colonizing the entire system

On a newly colonized planet, a [...] team discovered a glowing disc floating in the air
A science team were stationed to investigate this phenomenon
Straight to hell, motherfucker!

Come on


Well done
Hey there, [...] motherfuckers
Die (x?]

Let's do it

Cover: DJ D - Mankind Warning
  • X-ploration

  • Year
  • 2002

  • Genre

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