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Mystic - Man Or Machinery lyrics

This sounds like science fiction
But this is all coming so quickly
Are we a combination of a man and machine
Or are we literally going in and changing the genetic structure of the, the future of our species?

Exceed God

Genetic structure

The future of our species

Why does man seek to live forever?

It's basically the idea, that man
Can exceed the limitations that God has put upon him
And this idea of transhumanism
Is to use science and technology to exceed those limitations

The future of our species

Why does man seek to live forever?
They fear death

If we could be cured of our slave mentality
We would realise that our own mind has to be changed
We have to change our mind about ourselves

Why does man seek to live forever?

Cover: Mystic - Man Or Machinery
  • Man Or Machinery

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The vocals were directly sampled from the 2017 documentary "Transhumanism And The Bible" by Steven Anderson, and the quote near the end is from a speech by Malcolm X.

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