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Radical Redemption - Paralyzed lyrics


Paralyzed, numb, helpless [x2]
A demon [x3]
Demon [x2]

I woke up but my body didn't
I could feel the sweat running down my spine
I was paralyzed, numb, helpless
There it was
Standing right in front of me

This black shimmer in the night
Haunting for my soul
I was bathing in my own fear
And help wasn't near

Paralyzed, numb, helpless [x2]
A demon [x3]

Life itself left my body as I tried to get rid of the beast
I was struggling to keep my heart beating
Thinking of everything I held so deep
Couldn't release me of my fear
This is my worst nightmare

Paralyzed, numb, helpless [x2]
A demon [x3]
Demon [x2]

Cover: Radical Redemption - Paralyzed
  • The Road To Redemption

  • Year
  • 2017

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