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Knocked Loose - All My Friends lyrics

All my friends are so full of shit
They talk a lot, but they'll never f**king get it
We're all stuck here in the same place
So smile and wave just so that you can save face

I wish that I could be you
I wish that you could be me, so you could see you

I am better now, but I still have my days
It only took one time, it'll never be the same
Dig me out of this hole I've made
Dig me out of this, oh my God

How do I tell my kids that growing up doesn't suck?
How do I tell them that friends are always there
When nobody gives a fuck?
And do I tell them that I spent most of my time this sad?
Do I tell them that I let the world stress me out this bad?
No, no, no

All my friends have problems with their selves
We don't talk about it, nothing helps
We tuck it deep inside, so no one can see
Then we think about it later in our f**king dreams

What the fuck?

Where are all my friends?

All my friends are dead [2x]

I'm f**king butt-hurt

All my friends are dead

Cover: Knocked Loose - All My Friends
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