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Being As An Ocean - OK lyrics

(- We haven't been what you call 'in love' for a while
- Did she know that?
- She knew it first)

The butterflies I'd felt
Only begun to cut and itch
As much as you tried to hide it, I knew
You were just dying to flip your switch
Taught to play dress-up, but never learned to play house
Fear giving license to the words falling from your mouth

Our love was lost
Your heart turned cold
And that was when
I let you go [3x]

Poking corpses and throwing blame
How could I have thought I'd be the one
To drive the demons away?
Romanticism, seduced by the beauty of form
Those supple lines, a familiar warmth
Turned hard and cold as stone

(I've lost track of what is love and which is hate
But I'm through being your punching bag
And your referee in your battleground
I'm going to help myself)

Our love was lost
Your heart turned cold
And that was when
I let you go

Fall back to the upstairs bedroom
Way back when it all just seemed
To make more sense then and fall in place
There was a time when I felt okay

I felt okay
(I felt okay)
I felt okay

Cover: Being As An Ocean - OK
  • Waiting for Morning to Come

  • Year
  • 2017

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Genre: melodic hardcore
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