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Endymion & Crystal Mad - How It's Done lyrics

I'ma say it out loud
Just to straighten it out
I'm hearing too many people talk shit when they shout
Saying, I like this way
And your way is wack, bitch
Shut the fuck up now
And take the step back
Roll it back to 06
When I got my first fix
Names like Zany, The Prophet
The techno turning tricks

Back in the day
We all lived under one name
That was hardstyle
You remember those days?
Now there's rawstyle, euphoric, reverse bass and jump
I mean, what's that even mean
As long as the bass thumps?
These walls in between us
We need to reject
Time to remember our roots
And reconnect

We gotta get back to how we used to be
When this music, we love, it used to set us free
It binds us, defines us, unites us as one
Now stand the fuck up
And let's show 'em how it's done

Cover: Endymion & Crystal Mad - How It's Done
  • Year
  • 2017

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DarkVision 6 months ago
“As long as the bass thumps?” Should be :
“As long as the bass drops!”
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