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Ghostemane & Clams Casino - Kali Yuga lyrics

I used to have a bitch, now she ain't shit
I burned that black track jacket that I ate her in
I copped a new one 'cause I finally got a little ends
Just leave me 'lone, leave me 'lone, I'm tryin' not to sin

I'm tryin' to find a way up out of this f**king rut I'm in
I thought about taking my life on Periscope but thought again
I'm reading shit from kids that tell me they just want to quit
You're not alone, not alone, I feel like dying

I'm waking up alone and trying to find a reason why
To get up out my sheets and go on outside and feel daylight
Please tell me why I'm feelin' this way all the sudden, I was so fine
But what goes up inevitably comes down and things divide

You think I worship Satan? Bitch, I am a Thelemite
Do what thou wilt, no dogma can close my wide open eyes
I'm sick of humankind, I'm always looking at the sky
I know no God is present but it doesn't hurt to try

(Yeah, still spinnin')

No love, no life
Deep in abyss I creep
No sleep till I'm motherf**kin' six-feet deep
I'mma keep low-key
No love, no life
Never mind, cremate me
Scatter my ashes all over the Mediterranean Sea

Cover: Ghostemane & Clams Casino - Kali Yuga
  • Year
  • 2017

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#1 Daily Hip Hop/Rap
#8 Daily Overall

Originally released on June 7, 2017 as part of the 2017 Adult Swim Singles Program.
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