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The Fallen - Impacts Of Humans lyrics

This is a nuclear disaster and there's no one to stop it
A deadly mix of radioactive particles spews from the plant
Some of them, like strontium 90, will be dangerous for 300 years
Pine trees near the nuclear power plant are first to die
Radioactive particles cling to their bark and resin
Chlorophyll, which makes the trees green, is damaged
And as a result, they turn red
The last time a forest died like this

The size of Alabama
In a world without humans, this scene is repeated again and again
Nuclear power poisons the Earth we left behind
Radiation is an invisible poison
That settles over thousands of square miles
If we were still on the planet, it would cause cancer in millions of people
Giant plumes of radioactive smoke and particles
Spread across the northern hemisphere

Back on Earth, the world continues to change
Human homes slowly collapse
After thirty years, the clips are rusting, the caulking cracks
Water gets into the cracks and the frames get weak
The era of the gleaming skyscraper is ending
Cover: The Fallen - Impacts Of Humans
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From the documentary 'Aftermath: Population Zero' (2008).
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