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Outlier - Horizon lyrics

I am not ashamed
Of where I've been or the time I've spent down on my knees
Beaten, bloody, and black and blue
(Black and blue)
Left for dead in the open ocean
But I have the strength to keep on fighting
I will not be dragged down any more
(Any more)
Calmer waters are just ahead and I will live
I will live to see the sun rise

When I don't think I can make it
This heart of stone has seen too much
I'll pick myself up off my bony knees
I'll keep on fighting

If I can make it through the storm
I know calmer weather is in store
If I can make it through the night
I will live to see the sun rise

As the sun washes over me and the sea air comes
And fills these lungs and makes them new
Take this beaten broken down body of mine
And give it life once more
I am not ashamed to admit that I am broken and lost
So please pull me from my knees
'Cause you are all I need to keep on going
And though I may fall, I will rise again

Rise again [2x]

We will never be afraid to stand up and face the world
Never leave behind the ones who keep you warm at night

I will not be afraid to stand up and face the day
Scrape my knees, rise and keep on moving
Cover: Outlier - Horizon
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