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Sandman - Shockwave lyrics

Please watch your step!
This is a low gravity area
Please hold handrails at all times!

Are you sure about this, ambassador?
- Yes, most sure. We do not mistake

They figured he got hit by a hyperspace shockwave
I swore I'd prove something was out there like nothing we've ever seen before.

Hyperspace shockwave

- What ghost?
- Couple guys say they saw something in hyperspace coming back from a job in sector 14. Sounds like they been sucking down thruster fumes. Anybody else see it?
- No, just them. Said it looked like a cross between a spider and your worst nightmare

Cover: Sandman - Shockwave
  • Witchcraft

  • Year
  • 1998

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#3 Daily Psychedelic/Goa

Quotes taken from series 'Babylon 5'
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