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Artist Track Genre (?)
1 Above & Beyond feat. Zoë.. We're All We Need Trance ↑5
2 Oliver $ & Jimi Jules Pushing On Dance/House ↓1
3 Basshunter DotA (English Translation) Dance/House ↓1
4 Showtek FTS (Original Mix) Hardstyle ↓1
5 Brennan Heart & Wildstylez Lose My Mind Hardstyle
6 Stephen Swartz Ft. Joni .. Bullet Train Dubstep ↓2
7 Otto Knows Parachute Dance/House
8 Brennan Heart & Jonathan.. Imaginary Hardstyle
9 Coone Into The Madness Hardstyle ↑1
10 Brennan Heart F.I.F.O. Hardstyle New