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Betsie Larkin & Bjorn Akesson - Let It Shine lyrics

There's a light inside
That doesn't go out
And that nothing else
Could ever blow out

Would you hide it there
And try to keep it?
It's sad if no one else
Ever gets to see it

'Cause it's so beautiful
You were meant to be
Free and do you feel alive?

Let it shine [3x]
Shine [3x]

It is yours to give
And never-ending
We're not here to race
Until the ending

But we only wake
For a few seconds
Just what will it take
How many lessons

Let it shine [3x]
Shine [3x]

Like a dreamer's eye
A lovers' fire
Moonlight in the waves
A light that never goes away

Like the sun and stars
We won't die
We can only change

Let it shine [3x]
Shine [3x]

Cause it's so beautiful [2x]
Shine [5x]

We can only change [2x]
A light that never goes away [6x]

Cover: Betsie Larkin & Bjorn Akesson - Let It Shine
  • All We Have Is Now

  • Year
  • 2011

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    #4 Daily Trance

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