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Unseen - Hell In A Cell lyrics

This is cocaine
An addictive alkaloid which distorts the thought processes, destroys the sex drive
And makes most people too obnoxious to bear
It's illegal
And as you know you can buy it on any street corner

This is WFNC on your FM dial, bringing you the best in country music
No rap, no reggae, no hard-

I must ask you to close your eyes

As a hell in a cell changed the heart and the soul of the (...)
He's become evil alright
He's thinking evil thought
He wants-OH!
Oh god
In the face, right in the face
Bouncing off steel tips
Man this, neither are these two, never gonna be the same
They can both be great, but they're never gonna be the same after this match tonight
I don't care what anybody says

These are the sounds, of Brooklyn bounce

The most barbaric, sadistic, twisted, violent match in this industry
Fear the sound, feel the sound-waves, fear me

You and me in hell In A Cell, I accept
-When vengeance is done, this thing between you and me, it's gonna be over
Good, 'cause you're gonna have to kill me, to take this!
-Batista, I will not hesitate, there will be no remorse, there will be no regrets!
At this point I don't really care
-Then you and I are going to hell!
I don't fear the cell
-It's not for the faint of hear
And I don't fear you!
-You are gonna go face to face with the devil himself!
I'm gonna kick the devils ass!
(...) pay the price, hell in a cell!

Hell in a cell! (3X)

Cover: Unseen - Hell In A Cell
  • Untitled

  • Year
  • 2006

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  • Aug 28, 2011 by Imil

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