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Wavolizer - Done lyrics

You may not be aware of everything you should be
You have already proven your strength

That was different, so be it

And it seems we are done
I have been sent to you on behalf of the lady
She believes you may not be aware of everything you should be
I ask you this now, outsider
Are you willing to parlay?
Then it seems we are done
So be it

So be it

Follow me

Follow me, but I warn you
If you break your promise and harm her
I will come back from the Fade itself to see you pay

Cover: Wavolizer - Done
  • Amnensia

  • Year
  • 2011

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  • May 25, 2011 by Orbi
  • Approved by eddie

3 lyrics with the source Dragon Age: Origins
eddie 7 years ago
I'm not sure if it is "You have" or "You've" I think it's the latter..
But I'm not 100%
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I don't know what is worse now; the lies that fool me or the truth that hurts
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