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The Wishmaster - I Enjoy Chaos lyrics

The system is beginning to collapse
The whole social structure just beginning to collapse
In the nature all systems are breaking down
Perhaps I can make some small contribution in this area myself
I enjoy chaos!

I enjoy chaos
chaos, chaos

The system is beginning to collapse, and everything is slowly breaking down
I enjoy chaos and disorder
I want to see some explosions and fires
I want to see shit blowin' up and bodies flyin' around
I wanna see thousands of people in the street killing policemen
I wanna see a tornado hit a church on Sundays
I wanna see people under pressure!


I enjoy chaos


I just want some entertainment
I wanna see some cars on fire
Explosions are fun!
I enjoy chaos

I enjoy chaos


Cover: The Wishmaster - I Enjoy Chaos
  • The Revolution

  • Year
  • 2011

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Lyrics diverted from George Carlin quotes.
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