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Gigi D'Agostino - I'll Fly With You (The Real Booty Babes Remix) lyrics

I'll fly with you

I still believe in your eyes
I just don't care what you've done in your life
Baby I'll always be here by your side
Don't leave me waiting too long, please come by!
I, I, I, I still believe in your eyes
There is no choice I belong to your life
Because I, I live to love you some day
You'll be my baby and we'll fly away
And I'll fly with you
I'll fly with you
I'll fly with you!

Every day and every night
I always dream that you are by my side
Oh, baby, every day and every night
Well I said everything's gonna be alright
And I'll fly with you
I'll fly with you
I'll fly with you

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  • Jan 7, 2010 by Dean
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This Song was played often but Booty Babes didn't decide to bring out the remix. But it still exists and I found it as a radio cut a few years ago :)
eddie 7 years, 6 months ago
What MoLicious said
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I don't know what is worse now; the lies that fool me or the truth that hurts
MoLicious 8 years, 4 months ago
You gotta be kidding.. They fucked with a beautiful song.. It sounds terrible....

Music is an escape; escape who you are, your tears, your fears, and forget what's wrong
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