Lololyrics on LSDB
Posted by atomicoz - 2013-06-26Found out yesterday that LSDB also started using the lolo developers API, meaning you can check the lyrics of a track on the tracklists :)


Also a bunch of other cool places using it, like the monthly Hardstyle Top40 show on Q-Dance radio added lyrics on their site when it re-launched a few months ago.

If you want to pimp up your site, app, plugin or similar, check out

(also nicer news links if you check up in your address bar now, will come on other places like lyrics later on)

Rez 4 years ago
Meaty 4 years ago
Cool! Congrats lolo c:
DaHunger 4 years ago
just saw that hstop40 only tells to submit, but telling to submit or request is much better :D
btw now it looks better that all lolo and buy links are in separate columns :D
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atomicoz 4 years ago
Oh scratch that, they added a faded icon you can click to see add/request lyric :D
mstx 4 years ago
@DaHunger: Done
Thanks for the help!
atomicoz 4 years ago
Didn't expect hstop40 to do that and not required or mentioned anywhere on lolo, it's just a big plus imo :]
DaHunger 4 years ago
great news :D
but why don't they tell that the users can request a lyric, like it is on hardstyle top40? due to all the previews?
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