4 Years Old - 20% More Lolo!
Posted by atomicoz - 2011-01-29We're 4 years old today and loving the cake, the layout ended up 20% wider. Here's a few of the other changes:

* Shows all available smileys on the bbcode toolbar
* Pimped artist page
* Frontpage roulette can be refreshed + filtered by genre
* Logo slightly altered (blasphemy?!)
* Shows covers on the latest comments-page
* Lots of small layout changes: index page, profile page, etc.
* Tons of small bug fixes

Also more minor stuff added like the environment page, strikethrough bbcode, tips in the sidebar, etc.

AdamBast 6 years ago
Very nice, grats! Keep it up!
My head is bangin'
You're killing me
Please don't stop
Qz 6 years ago
It is fixed after atom fixed a bug. Great! :woo:
Qz 6 years ago
OK thanks invic, I will add you tomorrow. Leaving now for tonight. :)
invictus 6 years ago
invictusx7@gmail.com actually
HCverlie 6 years ago
Lolo looks very good now! :)
invictus 6 years ago
Try a different browser? you can add me on msn to try a couple things: invictusx7@hotmail.com
Rez 6 years ago
It don't like you Qz
Qz 6 years ago
Ain't working. :(
invictus 6 years ago
Try clearing your cache? ctrl-f5 or shift-f5 in firefox.
Qz 6 years ago
The only problem for me is that the chat isn't working anymore. :/
Qz 6 years ago
Nice work Atom.
Looks really good! :D
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