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Collusion - Work Of God lyrics

The most recent invaders are fading from memory
But as the technology of man advances
More are bound to find our valley again
And we are bound with the fate of this place
For better or worse

A sect, ancient and secretive
They believe themselves to be doing the work of God

The work of God

For better or worse

The work of God

Even that wasn't enough
They captured our people
Took children from their mothers to work as slaves
Anyone who survived those days
Has stories to tell

Your body may die
Torn limb from limb
For your soul is eternal
And free of pain

We have at last found the ancient formula
And again we wield the war fire

The work of God

The secret of war fire

The work of God

Cover: Collusion - Work Of God
  • Work Of God

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  • 2023

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