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King Krule - Easy Easy lyrics

You're same old Bobby, same old bee
We ain't caught off in me
The same old clutch, same old streets
Yeah they ain't caught off in me
And easy come and easy go
We aren't true I told you so
We just waiting for your doom
But I ain't true I told you so
Spinning in the way your life
You feel a little inside
The trouble inside
And now you spread your wings
Searching for another life
And yeah I think you've...
I think you've got them in your eyes
Ow easy

Easy easy
There's no need to take that tone
I'm on the telephone
And I just need to know

No I should've kept my receipts
Cause it's time we jump
It's been on for a week
A lot of test come see my money
When positivity seems hard reach
I keep my head out and my mouth shut
We just keep going
You're easy
So easy
You're easy
Mind just leave us alone?
I'll be one minute on the phone

Cover: King Krule - Easy Easy
  • 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

  • Year
  • 2013

  • Genre

  • Submitted
  • Jul 11, 2013

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#3 Daily Rock

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