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Evil Activities - Pokkeherrie (The Unfamous Version 2014)
Hi , Here is a Special Pokke Herrie FREE Track , i did this one in 4 days just because i had to play at Pokke Herrie 2014 , and i wanted to do my own Uptempo version of this one to play at this party , I took the Epic sample "pokke herrie" , then i slowdown a bit the BPM at 213 , because the original track by Evil activities was a bit faster as a TERROR track , then i introduce some parts of funny & greats lyrics by "Lenny Dee" extract from track by Tommyknocker "Demolition" Remix by Evil Activities & Lenny dee. here is the result lol. i hope you'll like it. Don't hesitate to listen the originals awesome tracks here :
Pokke herrie : www.youtube.com/watchv=jJQrozp1msU

Demolition RMX :

  • Year
  • 2014

  • Genre

Evil Activities

The Unfamous

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#1 Daily Terror/Speedcore
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Added Sep 20th, 2014 by djhandedout

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