The normal question, the first question is always
Are these cannibals?
No, they're not cannibals
Cannibalism in the true sense of the word
Implies an intraspecie activity
These creatures cannot be considered human
They prey on humans
They do not prey on each other
That's the difference

They attack, they feed only on warm human flesh

These creatures are nothing but pure motorised instinct
They must be destroy on sight!

What you're talking about is suicide

Suicide [2x]

Suicide, mankind, collaboration

Mankind, collaboration


Suicide, mankind, collaboration

Hell is overflowing and Satan is sending his dead to us
How do you think your God will judge you?
Well, friends, now we know
When there is no more room in hell
The dead will walk the earth

Suicide [2x]

Suicide, mankind, collaboration [3x]


Kheb da wel is in een film gezien jonge, das een vampier
Evol Intent - Suicide (Eye-D Remix)
Hot on the heels of 'Jim Skynner' comes a ferocious reinterpretation of Evol Intent's classic "Suicide" by the Netherland's own Eye-D. This remix keeps the dark, apocalyptic appeal of the original but updated for today's dancefloors and discerning DnB enthusiasts.

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  • Year
  • 2014

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Evol Intent


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