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This year, 2012
The most known psychiatrists have detected a new kind of mental illness
This habit disturb effects some DJ-s on the hard dance scene
Making them act like pop stars
They call it the Michael Jackson Syndrome

Hi, this is Michael Jackson
Dude, you're not Michael Jackson
You know why?
Michael Jackson is dead

This is an announcement for all the producers in the hard dance scene
Please keep in mind that Michael Jackson is dead
And he won't be back
So, please, don't act like you're Michael Jackson
You'll never be
Be patient and just don't act like that
Well, unless you're possessed by his ghost

Hi, this is Michael Jackson

They call it the Michael Jackson Syndrome

Who's bad?

Tat & Zat - The MJ Syndrome

"A few months ago I posted a link on my profile. It was about an old track which I was in love with and I thought it had to be spread through the new generation.
L. A. Style - "James Brown Is Dead"
Someone asked me to make a remix... but that would happen even if I would post the Macarena lol
One day, during the usual daily phonecall with my mate Gerardo aka Zatox aka Zat aka Ralphio aka 50% WMF a subject popped out.
We heard about a collegue's diva behavior and we had to laugh our asses off cause of this!
Our scene, more than other ones, gives the opportunity to young talents to break through even after a good release.

Nothing wrong with that... but when they pretend they changed and revolutioned hardstyle music with one release sometimes it sounds a lil bit bigger than it is.
This and other alike ones are indeed the symptomes of the MJ Syndrome!!!

But the track is most of all ironic cause, believe me, once u get tapped on your shoulders too many times it's really easy that you can believe even God!!!
It can happen to anyone like 123...
Well... Somehow we though about connecting the subjects and this is the result!
Have fun!!!

Valerio aka many things but mostly Tatanka"

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Added Jul 20th, 2012 by atomicoz

NoX 7 years, 6 months ago
Oh em gee. LA Style ftw.
"When in doubt, play "Levels"" - Annie Mac (Wise Woman)
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