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I am sitting, in the morning
At the diner, on the corner
I am waiting at the counter
For the man to pour the coffee
And he fills it, only halfway
And before I even argue
He is looking out the window
Somebody coming in

I open up the paper
There's a story of an actor
Who had died while he was drinking
It was no one I had heard of
I'm turning to the horoscope
Looking for the funnies
When I'm feeling someone watching me
So I raise my head

Though, though I
Though I raise my head [3x]
Though I raise my, though I raise, though (though [x4])
Though I raise my head [2x]
Though I raise my [3x]
Though [3x]
Though I raise my head

So I raise my head [7x]

Though I raise my head (my head [x5]) [2x]


Though I raise my head (my head [x5])
Alex Kidd & Kidd Kaos - Toms Diner (Stana Remix)
  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

Alex Kidd

Kidd Kaos


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Added Jul 24th, 2014 by Shiny

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