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Ladies and gentlemen
We understand that you have come tonight
To bear witness to the sound of drum and bass
We regret to announce that this is not the case
As instead we come tonight to bring you
The sonic recreation of the end of the world

Ladies and gentlemen
Prepare to hold your color

Okay, fuck it, I lied
It's drum and bass
What you gonna do?

What you gonna do?
Pendulum - Blood Sugar (Cally 2007 bootleg)
A big hello to all my new fans and a huge thanks to everyone who's helped push my page. As promised here are 18 of my unreleased bootlegs and edits, as played in our Cally & Juice sets over the years. Every one has been remastered so they're all sounding better than ever, plus they each have their own artwork. Thanks for your continuing support!!

01. Marco V - False Light (Cally 2005 Bootleg)
02. Dirty South vs Evermore - It's Too Late (Cally 2006 Bootleg)
03. The Egg - Walking Away (Cally 2006 Bootleg)
04. Camille Jones vs Fedde le Grand - The Creeps (Cally 2007 Bootleg)
05. Tony de Vit - I Don't Care (BK remix) (Cally 2007 Rev Bass Edit)
06. DJ Balloon - Technorocker (Cally 2007 Bootleg)
07. Pendulum - Blood Sugar (Cally 2007 bootleg)
08. DJ Virus - All Your Bass (Le Brisc Remix) (Cally 2008 Rev Bass Edit)
09. Buy Now - Body Crash (Cally 2008 Bootleg)
10. Don Diablo - Casa Del Diablo (Grinder Mix) (Cally 2008 Rev Bass Edit)
11. Blake Jarell vs Dane Cook - Dude I Just Wanna Dance (Sean Tyas Rework) (Cally 2008 Bootleg)
12. Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Markus Shulz Remix) (Cally 2008 Bootleg)
13. Reezy & Beezy - Struggle for Pleasure (Cally 2009 Bootleg)
14. Jurgen Vries - The Theme (Cally 2009 Rev Bass Edit)
15. The Qemists - On the Run (Cally 2009 Bootleg)
16. Linkin Park - The Catalyst (Cally 2010 Bootleg)
17. Eminem feat. Rihanna - Love The Way You Lie (Nik Fish Hard Remix) (Cally 2010 Edit)
18. Nero - Me & You (Bootek 49A) (Cally 2011 Bootleg)

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