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Ruffneck - Nostalgia (Clouds Across Ruffia)
This track was made by me in january 1998 and i was considering it to be placed on the Gangsta 51 CD (The quest for justice). However i decided NOT to release it as i mainly made this tune for myself as i just LOVED those oldschool reverse tuby bassline "bwoomp" sounds people used in old breakbeat tunes.

In this tune you can clearly hear my love for the old amen drumbreak combined with the jump-up drum and bass (Halfway the song) BUT even more important it gives away a hint of my extremely big love for the old detroit UNDERGROUND vibe as the vocal sample i used was taken from one of my absolute favorite tunes from that era. But also the "riser" was from that record. In real life that sound marked the spot on the vinyl where the needle would "slide" across the record very fast.(Like i did on almost ALL of my ruffneck records at that time. )

That tune was made by " A brother from another planet" and the tune was called "planet earth"
I suggest for history sake to check the original tune. It still gives me shivers all over as i know how MUCH i have been rinsing out this song on BLUE vinyl when i was just a wee little Ruffneck in the making :D

Here is the youtube link for those interested in some hardcore techno culture vs understanding where I am coming from!


If YOU are brother from another planet reading this someday, i want to thank you for this amazing piece of underground dirty techno. I DID and still DO feel your music. It helped me shape me into what i have become over the years!
Much respect.

But as promised when reaching 42000 Facebook likes, now you can still add this one to your collection for free, right here.

Enjoy this original recording i took from the original DAT tape i found in my archive.

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Added Jul 7th, 2014 by djhandedout

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