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Pissed by the shit people want me to
People want me to
Fuck you

Fuck you [2x]

Fuck you all
You little asses
Fuck you all
You make me sick

Fuck you
I'm dealin' with another fucking wannabe
You're trippin', you're gettin' on my nerves
Now I really know what it takes to win a person's spurse
Too many haters all around and too much curse, it stinks!
What you do is right, what I do is wrong?
I don't give a fuck I just keep goin' on!
My tongue is active, my shit is progressive
I'm massive aggressive, for you too expensive
Better stay passive, all that you do is annoying
You should find another employment
Lookin' at me, all you see is a foreigner, just another alien

Fuck you all
You little asses
Fuck you all
You make me sick

Fuck you
I do see a lot of wannabes in the club
A lot of son of guns like Geeez smokin' pot
A lot of mamas and sisters they're shakin' around their butts
And me in the middle of a little shitty club
I'm laughin' at those people how you're tryin' to get a hug
Even when I come around is just like what's up
There are superficial people all around, what the fuck
Your life is just a cent, I'm about a buck

Can, I don't wanna
Burn, you might be jealous
Fellows and that's a real [2x]
Fellows and that's a real fact

Fuck you [5x]

Just take a look at society, everybody's walkin' like a VIP
Boys at the bar, full of Bacardi chicks in the club on ecstasy
Dressed up shitty like a blond Barbie, isn't it scary?
But where's your man? Uhh, sorry, isn't it Ken?
The man who carries you on his hands to wonderland, to the Never Neverland?
Hmm, strange, how did it come so far?
All I hear is blah, I wanna be this, I wanna be that, I wanna be a superstar
Germany is searching on TV, kids at the age of ten to thirty
Isn't it dirty?

Fuck you all
You little asses
Fuck you all
You make me sick

Fuck you [5x]

Hey yo man, don't take it (fuck you) personal
Just think about what I'm tryin' to tell ya
Try to be (fuck you) an innovator, man
Don't try to be someone else
Try to be yourself (fuck you), okay?
Peace, I'm outie
Ha, fuck you!

Darkcontroller & Djane RVT - Fuck You All
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  • Year
  • 2014

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Djane RVT

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