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Getting back to Hardcore
Getting back to

Get back Hard
Getting back Hard

I have tried to forget you hard
But you make me fly like an angel
And just 'cause now my only pain
Is that you'll run in to my vein

Bang into my heart
Movin' now your arms
Don't leave me again
Fuckin' to my brain
And you are in my mind
Without you I can not survive

Bang into my heart
Movin' now your arms
Don't leave me again
Fuckin' to my bra-a-a...

Getting back to Hardcore
Getting back to

Miss Groovy & Friends - Getting Back To Hc (Original Slave Mix)
This song marks the return of Miss Groovy after DJ sets from the Slave to the rave ...

BlueBerry 7 years, 1 month ago
Paola Peroni is a renowned female DJ and producer in the Italian EDM scene that has gone by several aliases, based on what style of music she's been making at that time or who she collaborated with. She makes early hc but has also done house and even italo-disco. When doing hc, she normally goes by the alias Miss Groovy, but she may also do one-off projects like Acida (which I submitted lyrics for), in which she collab'd with one of the members from Prozac+. Her tracks have charted in several countries in Europe and she has appeared in the same compilation albums as neophyte, stunned guys and RTC. :D

Soz, I will fix that right away..
DaHunger 7 years, 1 month ago
hey blue, can you show me any releases by this Miss Groovy? I find some dance/house releases by a Miss Groovy but I doubt they are the same ..
also please put mixes between ( ) and not behind a -
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