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Let's start disorder!

I know when I'm drunk
'Cause I wanna be a troublemaker
I know what's to come
When the kickdrum blows up the speaker
I know what came to wrong
If the motherfucking music stops
So DJ, play my song
I'm the troublemaker
Get ready for the heavy shots

Let's start disorder!

Throw you hands up
Throw your bottles up
The real party has just begun
Never giving up [2x]
I'm the troublemaker
But I'm not the only one

I'm the troublemaker
Get ready for the heavy shots

Amnesys - The Troublemaker
For too long we have been living under the rules of a corrupt establishment. Since reaching out to the public in 2012 with our first free album, our goal has been to expand our following of Hardcore fanatics and help spread our message to the world.

It is with great pride that we present our brand new album: This is Hardcore – Rebellious

With 30 tracks from all artists who represent the #TiH alliance, this is our biggest collection of music to date. We are here to do one thing, declare our dedication to Hardcore and help broadcast this phenomenon to all corners of the globe. To help our fellow devotees show the rest of the world what we are about, all tracks on this album are completely free! Our music is our message, and we ask you to share it with your friends, family, co-workers… everyone!

We can’t do it without you. This is our moment. This is hardcore.

Thank you for your support,
- TiH Crew

01. Neophyte - No Fucking Game
02. Placid K - Bring The Beat Back
03. DJ Mad Dog - Rewind
04. Synthax - Never Gonna Change
05. The Stunned Guys - Shock The Audience
06. Nevaro - Insanity
07. Art of Fighters - Keep On Rocking
08. The Melodyst - Drunk & High
09. Endymion - Let The Bass Fuck Up This Place
10. Tommyknocker - Before You Go
11. Tha Playah - Der Craft
12. N-Vader - A New Era
13. Evil Activities - Dead Man Walking
14. Furyan - The Ap3x
15. Meccano Twins - Fracture
16. Advanced Dealer - War God
17. X-cite - Invasion
18. The Viper - Heat Blaster
19. System Shock - Revelation
20. Amnesys - The Troublemaker
21. Koozah - Type Zero
22. Alien T - Invisible World
23. The Sickest Squad - Radioactive
24. Kasparov - Infected By Madness
25. Kyuzo - Die For Something
26. Tieum - Lock Me Down
27. Prankster - The Movement
28. AniMe - Bitches
29. The Fuze - Hybrid
30. Unexist - Disconnected

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  • Year
  • 2014

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