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Pollywaggachuggabonka! (4X)
Rob Gee, I thought you were gonna do a more DJ-friendly intro
-Well, mr. V, if you insist, I can definitely do that
-Here's your fucking DJ-friendly intro!

Pollywaggachuggabonka! (?X)

What does Polly say-Polly say-Polly say? (?X)
Pollywaggachuggabonka! (?X)
Rob Gee - Pollywaggachuggabonka
This is Track 08 of The Self-Titled "ROB GEE" Album. What does "POLLYWAGGACHUGGABONKA" mean?????? Not a damn thing; it is just Me, Rob GEE having FUN. \m/ <3 =7

released in 2007, given out for free in 2011

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  • Year
  • 2007

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Rob Gee

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#1 Daily Hardcore/Early

Added Feb 28th, 2014 by djhandedout

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