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Set me free [3x]
Set me free, set me free into the night [4x]
Let the night fall!

I see a light in the sky, I put my feet on the cold floor
The daylight disappears as I'm stuck right to the ground

I'm safe here in my room, don't know who to trust
I scream at silence, but there's no sound

Set me free, set me free into the night [2x]
Set me free!

Set me free, set me free into the night
Set me free!

Set me free, set me free into the night [4x]
Set me free!
Dutch Master - 5 AM (Shock:Force Remix)
Here's a little bit of a treat for you all tonight. After a lengthy chat with former S:F hero and co-founder S-U-L-L-Y, we've decided to give out pretty much our whole back catalogue and he's even thrown in some of his own older stuff too!

A total of 40 tracks, we both hope you enjoy them as much as we have making them and the memories attached to them all. Thanks for all of you support over the years.

Matt & Sully

  • Year
  • 2011

  • Genre

Dutch Master


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Added Feb 16th, 2014 by DaHunger

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