Drive boy dog boy dirty numb angel boy
In the doorway boy she was a lipstick boy
She was a beautiful boy and tears boy
And all in your inner space boy you had
Hands girl boy and steel boy you had
Chemicals boy Ive grown so close to you
Boy and you just groan boy she said
Come over come over she smiled at you boy.

Let your feelings slip boy but never your mask boy
Random blond bio high density rhythm blond boy
Blond country blond high density
You are my drug boy you're real boy speak to me
And boy dog dirty numb cracking boy
You get wet boy big big time boy
Acid bear boy babes and babes and babes and
Babes and babes and remembering nothing boy.
You like my tin horn boy and get wet like an angel.

You got a velvet mouth you're so succulent and beautiful
Shimmering and dirty wonderful and hot times
On your telephone line and God and everything
On your telephone and in walk an angel.
And look at me your mom squatting pissed in
A tube hole at tottenham court
Road I just come out of the ship
Talking to the most blond I ever met.
Lager lager lager lager shouting
Lager lager lager lager shouting
Lager lager lager shouting
Mega mega white thing mega mega white thing
Mega mega white thing mega mega shouting
Lager lager lager lager mega mega white thing
Mega mega white thing
So many things to see and do in the tube hole
True blond going back to Rumford
Mega mega mega going back to Rumford
Hi mom are you having fun and now are you on
Your way to a new tension headache
Underworld - Born Slippy (Activa Bootleg)
After quite a few emails asking, here is my rework of Born Slippy again. Btw, its a copy of PvD's version again, as I could never get hold of PvD's mix. As per all the other reworks! ;o)

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  • 2013

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