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All you motherfuckers are gonna pay
[many x]

I woke up
All I could taste was blood
In my mouth

Hello Amanda
I want to play a game
Here's what happens if you lose
There is only one key to open the device
Live or die
Make your choice

All you motherfuckers [2x]
All you motherfuckers are gonna... go!

All you motherfuckers are gonna pay
[many x]
Sylenth & Glitch - Your Choice
"A quick little update is coming through!! Together with A-lusion I decided to release a track of ours on the internet, which never got released because of several reasons. So from now on you can download this first webrelease...

Sylenth & Glitch - Your Choice

It was made back in 2007 for A-lusion's Q-Base performance. Since it didn't made it as a b-side for 'Music In You' we want to surprise you with this webrelease! Hopefully we can make some people happy with it! Please let me know if the link's dead, so I can re-upload it...;-)

For now I can also tell you, that there is more to come... I've got several tracks that aren't going to be released so check this site frequently for maybe a second webrelease! ;-)

Enjoy!!" ~ Sylenth & Glitch (Sylenth is A-lusion and Glitch is Jones)

  • Year
  • 2008

  • Genre



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Added Jul 16th, 2012 by TheSynonym

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