Andy McGirr + Mark Doc - Jager Bomb (Dj Thera Mix)
Benefactor and I have decided to give this track (signed in 2010) away for free as a thanks for support of the label and artist.



Here is a message from the label:

"Hi all!

My Benefactor label was set up to release all the demos that I had that weren't quite hard enough, or quite experimental from the Compulzion label itself, while it concentrated on hard trance and

techno. It received quite a lot of support from across the board with releases getting plays from Yoji, Scot Project, Christopher Lawrence, Mark EG, Anne Savage, Andy Farley, Mark Sherry, Alex Kidd,

Kutski, Organ Donors and also leading techno names like D.A.V.E The Drummer, Space DJz, Mike Humphries and many more, so it definitely served its purpose well as a succesful sublabel of the

Compulzion stable with many releases receiving magazine reviews, radio play etc.

As I decided last year to stop the label, to concentrate my efforts on Compulzion, which itself was releasing more and more techno (something it has done since the 2nd release on the imprint to all

those who think of us as jumping on the bandwagon), I have recently been discussing with the artists what to do with the tracks.... at first I thought about doing a massive bundle with all releases to

sell on shops. But thought the return would be so pitiful that why not give them away free to you all!

There are tracks and remixes here by Myself, DJ Choose + Fredin, Liam Howells/Projekt Tek, A Paul, Johann Stone, Neal Thomas, Swartz + Schulner, DJ Husband, KloneZ, Lee Mac, Stana, T3kn1que

+ Josh Abernethie, Andy McGirr + Mark Doc, DJ Thera, Audiowarp, Thomas Ulstrup, Brian Eddie, Excentric/ED Live, Diablik, Kev D, Sinith, Veztax, Renegade System, Esh and many more.

Below are all the tracks that I have been given permission from by the artists to release for free. Hope you enjoy them in your sets as you see fit, or if you listen from home and don't play out, enjoy

them on your Stereos/Ipod etc!

Feel free to share this post with whoever you want, I am working on getting some secure hosting for the releases rather than mediafire links, and am also working on the remaining 18 tracks to be

able to share them with you all.

Thanks for your continued support and look out for Compulzion 029 and Compulzion Hard 001 forthcoming soon!



BNF001 - Louk - Happy Days

Original Mix
Callum B Mix

BNF001R - Louk - Happy Days Remixes

DJ Choose + Fredin Mix
Neal Thomas Mix
Brian Eddie Mix
Liam Howells Mix

BNF002 - Sinith + Stana - City Lights / Repeating

City Lights (City Mix)
City Lights (Light Mix)

BNF003 - T3kn1que + Josh Abernethie - Distortion

Audiowarp Mix
Esh Mix
Original Mix
Nostic Mix
Kenjii Mix

BNF004 - Andy McGirr + Mark Doc - R.E.C.T / Jager Bomb

R.E.C.T (Renegade System Mix)
Jager Bomb
Jager Bomb (Brian Eddie Mix)
Jager Bomb (DJ Thera Mix)

BNF005 - T.P - Back

Excentric Mix
Original Mix
Diablik Mix

BNF006 - Kev D - Feel It

Feel It
Sexy Fuck
El Cotillo

BNF008 - Various - Global Invasion 1

A Paul - Ancient
DJ Husband - Start From Zero
KloneZ - Inversion
Lee Mac - Bullet Dodger 2010
Stana - Boombox
Swartz + Schulner - Look Out
Thomas Ulstrup - Crossover

BNF010 - Various - Tenth Element EP

Veztax - Stolen Moments
Robin Swartz - Shichi

BNF011 - Johann Stone - Skull Banger

Skull Banger

  • Year
  • 2010

  • Genre

Andy McGirr

Mark Doc

Dj Thera

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#1 Daily Hardtrance

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