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S.H.O.K.K. - My Madness (Part 2)
"do not support this release!

let me make one thing clear: i do not endorse this. i don't know whose idea it was but i still hold the rights to the mislabeled track "the resurrection", which is indeed "my madness... part 2".

this track was released for FREE by me many years ago. do NOT under any circumstances pay for it. you'd be paying for the SAME EXACT mp3 that is available for FREE elsewhere on the net, or right here for that matter:

S.H.O.K.K. - My Madness Part 2 [BETA] aka The Resurrection

feel free to download as many times as you want, share, re-upload, host it yourself etc.

the above version is actually of better quality than any of the mp3s you'll find in the various online stores.

nukleuz did not have a different source for their release. it is the same pre-master, BETA version of an unreleased tune that was NEVER to be commercially released.

please help me spread the word!

again: this was never supposed to be released. it's an unfinished track that i made available for free. and i don't want anyone to make money off this.

marco g."

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