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The [..] and the sound
The bottom of the bass
The [..]
The bass and the sound [?x]

The bottom of the bass

In the beginning he created a groove
And with this groove he made us move
And it set our souls free
House is the way of life

And it made you reach out
And raise your hands in the air to rejoice
And sing a song of love, sing a song of peace
Sing a song of happiness
House was our light of day
And it shined on our souls
Three o’clock in the morning
On and on and on and on and on

House was our release
House was our sanctuary
House was our prayer
Can you feel it, like I feel it?
If there’s something feeling good in your soul

In the beginning there was truth
And in that truth there lived a sound
And it picked you up off the ground
And the beating of the drum
The bottom of the bass

The bass and the sound [?x]

The bottom of the bass [2x]

The [..]
Embrionyc - This Is Not A Daydream (Raum 107's Reality Variation)
During the last days of the quite fateful year 2013, I will offer
some free Downloads as a thank you to all those who have supported me, friends and listeners, those where my music means something.
Without you, my music would sound into nowhere!!!

I wish everybody a hallucinogenic, inspirational, contemplative meditative and intoxicating conclusion.

Here the first FREE DOWNLOAD


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  • 2013

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Raum 107

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Added Dec 24th, 2013 by djhandedout

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